The Changes Occurring with Cambridge Satchel in Fashion Circle

Added 21/3/2012

In 2008, black President Obama with "CHANGE" subversion of the American politics of race consciousness, 2012, fashionable circle "CHANGE" with a trace of is so much. But Obama's the word makes him reach the throne of the President of the United States, and the word of the fashionable circle, give participants and spectators with Cambridge Satchel bag.

This year the most fashionable circle powerful events not belong to it, Valentino, Chloe and Celine, several have any super star in 2009 chun xia fashion show before or after change will be announced, make this year's shows and more quality market. Haven't change, struggling to play his ace, let the own resume more weight, to attract other big brands headhunting, has changed, is spare no effort, to strive for a gun and red, to tell their bole is splendid.

Although someone glad someone went away, but one of the most pain should be the designer Valentino Alessandra Facchinetti, fired about his unexpectedly is the last one to know, if not media reports, she is still in the dark. But then again, just at the heart, look at this one season in Valentino farewell for her, not from the opinions, here does not keep a person, its worker place. The pilot took office Celine Ivana Omazic on-the-job three years performance can be said to pass more than, but pursuing fresh and exciting in all things fashion circle, but safely into a fatal wound, 2009 chun xia will be her in the last game show Celine.

Both sides may scoresheet, her resume also still quality, than to be unilaterally terminate the contract Alessandra Valentino of much better. Replace Ivana is Phoebe Philo, in 2001 he once served as a director of Chloe design, performance, that their work and draw. 2006 years and give up the adoration of career home with the children, make a lot of people feel sorry for fashion, but she was reinstated fight again river's lake, in March this year her new book will be in the Paris show Celine exposure, affirmation is highly anticipated.

Look, Kate Moss and Olsen sisters flower this trend templates began to flat your match, the new first lady Michelle than French first lady Bruni popular reason there should be a is her "mix, low fashion", if these things cannot prove H&M inverse city go red reason, let's look at Dolce & Gabbana in 2009 chun xia make interesting demonstration it: with upper-body silk pajamas collocation delicate clipping in the groin skirt outfit, or with the whole body pyjamas sets to match with the vision of the bag from dinner. If he so as to play, we jervois produce of hand-painted silk became a senior decided not to uniform? That said, this is a big to experience the attitude, the shelves of all is to let down, the market is the only standard to test the product, the former high above, don't reduce the price of gold killed years can only leave to everyone in the leisure have used to grind in the molar.

As a product of the Cambridge satchel ever-victorious generals, 2.55 handbags are bright quarterly debut, but in 2008 the qiu dong is elusive fang zong, people heart doubts now get the perfect answer. 2009 chun xia's it with "unusual" color, appearance completely unchanged, but by original opening into the side of a vertical, who is looking at the dian to pour to go to good 2.55, in the heart is only "admire" two words. This isn't, old Karl will even brand stores of the outer packing paper bag in his strange think of clever want, paper into cortex, add skin carry belt, don't become Cambridge satchel version of the open shopping bag large size? From last year chun xia's ankle package, to this year change magic, can use the handbag is dumping the fashion world, in addition to Cambridge satchel, who have this ability?

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Be a Beauty When Wear Your Embossed Cambridge Satchel

Added 20/3/2012

If in the past year in the street the most fashionable handbags is Cambridge satchel, that really is smiling face school bag belonged to. Inspiration comes from the smiling face of bag is Phoebe Philo Celine design for the first series of core component. In addition to the design of heavy and complicated it, no flowery not too the lady, concise stereo, relaxed design easy to carry. The geometric figure appearance, positive stereo wave structure and outreach also can pack up the two wings of, of this package to be the signature of the Celine type design.

It to look over unforgettable modelling is won the Leighton Meester, fan bingbing, Chiara Ferragni, Carolina Engman, and many other stars and fashion blogger favorite. The tide for the crazy people smiling face package eventually, has come to a pack of difficult beg stage. Now, whether in Paris, milan or London shops, smiling face bag all need two months in advance reservation. Celine counter occasionally sent out one or more sporadic spot, almost all were killed instantly seconds.
This summer, Phoebe Philo, try, try, try again in the Luggage on the basis of series launched Phantom (the Phantom) series. This series is Luggage series of brand-new deduce, weakening the wavy structure of the stereo feeling, more easygoing and stylish. In addition to the bag bag of side QinNiu, wings always keep an open, more and more comfortable volume.

And the traditional cambridge package, the phantom series adopt the most costly soft leather, by a whole piece of leather sewing front and become, through special processing make it more gentle, lined with the composite technique or chamois leather. Before the zipper weaving a bag with tassel details, the paint black metal accessories embodies the avant-garde attitude. A new design devoid of the original enclosed zipper, cascade belt type with both sides is also converged buttons each other, make the bags in a half open half closed unique state, just as optional change, elusive fashion "phantom".

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