The Relationship between the Body Figure and Cambridge Satchel

Added 23/3/2012

A Cambridge Satchel bag and face

The face stereo sense is strong, zygomatic higher face can choose classic Cambridge Satchel, with neutral metal style of individual character design; And facial features small, face shape fruity fits with more choice compose ACTS the role of shining the melting and lovely type bag.

Second, bag and chest

When caught in the bag under your arm, from positive perspective looks, can only see its thickness. Therefore, bosom plump, waist with thicker round MM thin thin should choose the rectangle bag; The chest is flat, thin size should choose the MM of thickness of the triangle side have bag, can let slightly plump breasts.

Three, bag and height

Large bags are wide popularity, but how to choose according to height also want to be don't is redundant. If the height of 165 cm, should choose as far as possible about 60 cm in length, vertical dress into a magazine bags; The height of 158 cm the following words, should choose stretches approximately 50 centimeters, can dress into the size of the magazine bags, spin figure scale.

Four, bag and bearing

With small shoulder bag with a bit of time with fixed bag under your arm, avoid bag body back and forth like move; It should be in the handbag arm and elbow natural against waist line into 90 degrees; The bag with no arms in the chest can sheets, or down the arm length naturally in the position of "near the thigh, sisters avoid by all means does not have belt clip in the bag under your arm!

Five, bag and color

In the bag, jewelry and dress collocation in, color plays a very important role. But overall with color depth the collocation of trenchant level, can build and easy elegant modelling. Bag bag and dress color showed sharp contrast, such as black dress collocation with red bag shoes, is a bright eyes of individual character is tie-in; Bag bag also can be in broken flower skirt or printing jacket in the design of the choice of any a kind of color, integral feeling lively but elegant style.

Six, bag and life

Buy when the bag can not be ignored its practical, if you just "upgrade" do the beautiful mommy, but diapers bottles all tucked into a noble alligator handbags that restore ancient ways, may be intimidated by passers-by; Wide color nylon bag more bags can let you and your baby fashion up.

Seven, bag and character

Go leisure sports wind of girl, can choose collocation more nylon, plastic or thick canvas more "hard" material bags. Temperament lovely and gentle girl, dress often collocation elegant frivolous fabrics, so the quality of a material of package should also be to cotton, hemp or bud silk material such as primarily.

Eight, bag and popular

The most popular is not necessarily the most suitable for you! Perhaps the latest quarter round shoulder bag with fluorescent color gives you a shine at the moment, want to have the urge to it immediately; But perhaps the earth look to paint the handbag is the most make you fondle admiringly "joker" choice.

Nine, bag and leather

Common natural leather in the thumb of under pressure will be fine grain, level, the better the flexibility and full leather degree are the better. Common goat skins are present decorative pattern, wavy, coarse and fine; Ox skin texture nwe, pore appears irregular pointlike arrangement; The surface is rough skin, decorative pattern is usually a group of three pore distribution, can be hard to soft.

Ten, bag and manual
No matter how much time you choose to buy a Cambridge Satchel bag, want to buy a delicate do manual work. Selected style, before paying must carefully check the surface of the bag and sandwich if there is not suture place, the straps connect the outside world is solid; If metal accessories, must understand the material will be easily fade, zipper, and buttons if the functions such as perfect are not overlooked steps.


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How to Look for Fashion in Cambridge Satchel Bible

Added 22/3/2012

How to Look for Fashion in Cambridge Satchel Bible is a big question that has confused many people. As we all know that we like Cambridge satchel so much, so we just want to make us more fashion when we wear it.

So we head to the newsstands, a showcase mainstream fashion magazines, Internet fashion magazines have now significant quantities of the global reader. These magazines every week, every day even would be updated content, still can give readers a kind of online community atmosphere, although cannot provide the tactility of paper media, but can use multimedia content to replace the printed still pictures. Music, video, blogs, message board, and subjective distinctive speech attitudes are the advantage of network fashion magazine. They of course as the Elle and "Vogue" that can make money, but the most famous of these to advertisers also has great attraction.

Although people still more used to leaf through paper media, appreciate the printed picture, but the network magazine's advantage is more dynamic, content change quickly, and can quickly gathered a large number of people who are interested in the same subject, and satisfy their exchanges and interaction between the demand. For those who want to look for the most alternative nowadays jeans and the coolest nightclub, in young people, network magazines such a goes in tide cutting-edge coterie let them very belonging. The President of Glam media SamirArora said, "those who can lead and influence of fashion people now watching network magazine. On the Internet, they taste will decide the future of fashion trend."

In large neutral in the bag trend, a few sparkling handsome handbag seemed all the enchanting and moving. Some bowknot, a small mirror, or zero purse collocation design, show a neutral wind incomparable meticulous gentle gas. See the spring is coming, saddled such a handbag, not after tide also can the same fashionable beauty!!!
To participate in the activities of the first-class clubbing or party the most can't missing is not jewelry naymore. What??? The answer is Cambridge satchel bag! Because financial or on the safe side, a delicate hand bag is not only easy to carry, protect your property safety, also can promote your temperament and charm! This is not kill two birds with one stone. Below is Betsey Johnson Wristlets, have the stars type, and red hot tear type two kinds of choices, often have the lady might as well give activities!


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Fashionable Cambridge Satchel Outfit is Tender and Innocent

Added 21/3/2012

Sixty-eight-year-old designer Vivienne Westwood with her practical action to tell us, Cambridge Satchel is tender not sin, "recognize old" just the most life-denying killjoys. To be honest sentence, the wrinkles in her face almost to the neck, but also with dozens of years to young models and filming together their own boyfriend print ads, and amplified to real people hang in the store size.

This is courage. A punk design of more than 30 years old lady still have such courage, facing a surge of candy colors, baggy trousers, jelly shoes, we should not fear more.
Cambridge Satchel is tender, absolute can't walk low-key route, but also score age, some people may be directly wear a copy of school clothing dress, but more people can only through the different collocation to cater to tide.

Many years ago a wireless TV series, had a classic role was "ocean", is WenBiXia actor, with a magnificent "drop bo is installed" (actually is thin shoulder unlined upper garment) dump beings. And now, this file tide again picking up, but the chun xia's design increase a jump naughty taste, design style is all turn to recreational motile, dew shoulder the range of the not too, chest usually have a huge portrait pattern or graffiti, it is said that this is the so-called "city taste".

Now, that all the young in Hong Kong every day in this dress up media interview, bunch of a wide belt, wear bull-puncher knickers or short skirt, feet on a pair of short boots, show dark tan willet sample thin legs, even if they are far to be "ocean" amorous feelings kinds, thus revealed of youth is enough also add cent.

Another thing is the same outfit is tender magic weapon is child unlined upper garment, and come to the Hollywood popular hierarch, down to the small white collar, everyone has a most proud of child unlined upper garment. About the benefits of it we also the inconvenience much said, but this year popular folk style pattern of design, if you insist on to go outfit is tender style, had better choose a few more bright-coloured colour, sleeveless paragraph and give priority to dozen of small sleeve, let whole line more jump to some.

Candy colors doesn't mean everyone can dress it, because accident prone, white-collar workers often says to its not, would rather wear black and white ash outfit also don't be adventure. Maybe be when you bring your fluro Cambridge satchel. Then you are the superstar in the street. You win, you are fashion.

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