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 Skills about Black Boy Match with Cambridge Satchel


Black skin is the sign of men's health, but also need to be handsome to highlight a health, if you match with a Cambridge satchel bag, you will be just more attractive. Said Cambridge satchel summer series collocation, we have to talk about two points: color and style.

Color: dark blue, suitable to dark yellow color of skin, the spirit of people stable; Pink, can dilute man too hale line, make the person shine at the moment; White, more can reveal a clean and neat, polite faces. Red, a kind of simple sense midstream shows a hot sexy. Design and color, bring summer with a bold and unrestrained unruly scenery line; Black, always but the color when everything, with bright green is the lure of the surge. Style: upper body can be light color shirts, also can be dark circle brought t-shirts, design and color is more marked.

Private parts can be slightly yellow blue-green cowboy, or shallow blue printing, the pants, or dark blue thin version 7 minutes of pants, or design and color beach pants, and, of course, if you don't know what to wear color, black and blue is eternal emergency color. In addition, love fluctuation body wear brunet, you must not forget the firm a beautiful light color chatelaine, white and fluorescence yellow is the first choice of you! If we want to handsome some, a man metallic necklace, a pair of glasses, gradient brown fly with a simple but free hairstyle, will let you walk on the cutting edge of fashion this summer.

If the skin black, but a moderate, or can consider to wear shallow weak, lively clothing, the department is given priority to with cool color. Light blue series. Some Cambridge satchels colors are too deep, can make a person more sunshine and fashion.

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